Try Hope

I try to focus, 

but im just too hopeless

8 planets in the universe,

I'm on the coldest 


The things that complete us,

seem to leave us broken

i got distracted from success

when I started smokin


Time passes so slowly

then it won't stop rolling

did my heart grow

or is just swollen 


everything that shines,

aint always golden

the finest things in life,

you can't always hold in 


your left hand 

or in your right one

a success story

Im trying to write one 


the space between a rock and a hard place

is a tight one 

A glimpse of hope in between it,

then it tightens


The fear hides within the hype,

the fear swallows its pride

I tried to conquer it myself;

But I left it at Tried 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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