Yolanda 2013


The calm before Yolanda

I Whisper prayers in preparation

Thoughts of the harm before it’s caused

Homes wrecked and Separation

The effects of a storm

Death, hurt and the suffering of a nation

These things keep me up


Rocking .

Wrapped in my countries flag, the only thing that can keep me warm

Evacuated Far from harm but I die when calls to my parents are not received

I wait and listen.

Here the breeze blows a gentle beast

There the gusts roar as nature is unleashed

Miles away but my blood runs silent

I fear for the family I left

Is it right that you are out of my reach?

You stay in touch with my emotions

They run for you

Tears flow free as I receive news

An estimated 1000 lives taken

Devastation in village’s, towns and my city

Making Global news

I remain frozen as calls still don’t get through

But media continues to come

Up rooted trees, fathers without sons,

Houses taken in the wind

Ruins left by the floods

I choke on every breath

As I see faces of motionless mothers down in mud

My eyes close powerless

Still no news from my loved ones

Tell me where my home is now

Tell me where I go

Tell me how to be more than a frightened girl aged fourteen

Who fears to sleep alone and dream to wake to a nightmare:

The passing of Yolanda in the Philippians.

Days go by like years

And a gentle breeze blows through the aftermath

Our flag still stands we still have land

A base to build our hope from

Now life has a new meaning

Move forward as one

Salvage- What is lost, is never forgotten

Aid - What was destroyed, will be rebuilt together

Relief- News of rescues emerge

A wreck overturned 

I have faith my family survived in God’s hands 

~ Steele Daniel


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