Not Lost, Hidden


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My love,
My darling,
Oh, where are you?
I’ve searched and scoured the earth for you.
I’ve left no rock unturned.
My heart is failing,
My hope is fading.
Where could you be?
Maybe I made a wrong turn?
Maybe I missed something.
What if you’re not here?
What if there really is no one for me?
Will I grow old alone,
And just fade into the black?
Solitary silence as lines crease my face and back?
No, no. I cannot give up.
You must be here somewhere.
I’m determined to find you,
My Lady,
My Princess,
My one and eternal bride.
I’ll find you,
And love you,
I’ll love you ‘til I die.

Why do you search so franticly?
I am right here, you see.
While you turn and search for beauty,
You never search for me.
For I am not the Princess,
The sweet maiden you desire.
I am the average girl, the forgotten one,
Whose love still burns like fire.
While your heart breaks and bleeds,
I nurse you back to health.
But you can’t read my feelings,
I cloak them all in stealth.
I wear not dresses of majesty,
I have no crown of gold.
But if you’d look more closely,
You’d see the jewel to behold.
You’ll never see the love,
The passion that flows with no end.
Because I’m the one you’d never expect to love,
I am your best friend.



I can really relate to this poem its very good


Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it.

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