House of cards

House of cards

Easily blown away by wind

It doesn't take long

To notice how fragile it became

It holds memories inside

Memories of the good times

It has always kept the scent

Of tenderness and sounds of laughs 

Happy laughs that seem

Never been able to find their way back home

The house that has been full of emotions

Now empty from it all

It's never been its fault

But the ones who live inside

Are so busy tearing it apart

Not able to see how fragile it became

Easily blown away by the wind

Causing its downfall

Destroying its pillars

And turning it to dust

However there's still hope

To build it up strong and still

But none wants to rise it up

They're just good at leaving

Abandoning what once was

The dearest to their heart

Leaving it to beasts only to be swallowed alive

It's always been so fragile

And could be easily blown away

though it wasn't the wind to blame

But the icy breez of its dwellers

Freezing it all over

And then demolishing what have been buit by their own hands

Is it alright to see any hope again?

Knowing that who's destroying it is the one who has power,

Do blow life into its shattered soul.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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