Deserted Island

So I’m actually stranded here on this deserted island
It’s kind of ironic how many times I played that game when I was younger
Where you pick three objects to bring with you
The heat is unbearable
My skin is already fried and it’s only half past five
The water is all salty
And it seems like the more I drink it
The thirstier I get
I always imagined that the trees on my deserted island
Would have coconuts growing from them
But they don’t and I could really go for a pina colada right now
I also thought maybe there would be deer or something
Do deer really not live on deserted islands?
Well so much for object number one: my gun
My sense of time is all of
And the saddest part is I have no idea how I got here
So glad I brought object number two: an axe
To chop firewood in order to stay warm
Because it's only a temperate 93 degrees
Well at least the view is nice
And hey maybe a rescue plane will fly over
And see my SOS
Yeah i’ll always find a way to cope
Because my object number three is hope

This poem is about: 
Our world


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