I lost myself in words last night,
It could be a dream as i was high,
Some memories i was passing by,
revising some older highlight.

Nope, not a sudden plan,
I don't know what to do,
as some voices were sent to
me, to asure that had begun.

This was like once in a blue moon,
Ignited a fire burning the layer of snow.
It felt so first time,might just end so soon,
Yet enjoyed the moment and just let it grow.

First time in a new place,
new faces everyday.
First time in this case,
Far from my hay.

Mother strictly forbidden me
from few things i remember.
For which i had to see,
Through things as a member.

Lost in love too much,
That love is hard to digest.
Not getting back, the freaky old batch,
Yet just hoping for the best.

But there are some memories to look back,
Pictures and poetry where I long for free.
Down through the lane gonna try filling the lack,
Once again a little try to lighten up the old tree.

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