A Little More Nice and Kind

A little more nice and kind,

But it seems you were evil while I was blind,

Feeding the impulses and handing out my love,

Freely, Openly, Willingly,

Ungracefully, Clumsily, Carelessly,

Could discribe my misplacement in your life,

When you stabbed me with a knife,

And I could feel my heart bleeding,

Overbearing, Uncaring, Flaring

Glaring, Swearing, Tearing

Was what became of me,

From what I had to see,

When I looked in the mirror and saw what it had done,

Broken, Unspoken, Frozen,

Empty, Angry, Envy,

Full of it when I see you doing better,

And I hold a dead letter,

Which used to hold so much warmth and tenderness from you,

Hate, Debate, Fate,

Brighter, Lighter, Fighter,

Standing tall but feeling like I'm six feet under,

Still feeling like loving you was a type of wonder,

A small chance of escape.





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