Waiting to be free;
Free from the hurt.
Waiting to let go;
Let go of the past
The past is done
Nothing will change.
Waiting to be older;
Older to leave
Waiting to find peace;
Peace within my self
Peace and quiet in my head
Peace at night when I go to bed.
Waiting to be happy everyday;
Everyday I wake up with a smile 
Being happy may take awhile.
Waiting to be me;
Me, the girl I want to, need to be
The girl who lives with no regret
The girl who rises above the rest
The girl who will one day be the best
Waiting to inspire; 
Inspire the hopeless teenage girls
Inspire the lost girls 
Inspire the girls who lost their innocence too young
Inspire girls who feel numb 
Inspire them to become; 
Become someone in this world
Their own someone.


Saving For A Shallow Grave

Don't let the world corrupt you

become a light

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