Searching Within The Emptiness


United States
35° 35' 3.6168" N, 78° 48' 0.1008" W

Lost in an empty space

craving something to replace

the emptiness.

I was told there was one,

they called it the son

and the light.

I looked towards the sky,

the sun blaze in my eye,

the light burning my skin,

the heat scorching inside.

There was nothing.

So I searched and researched

and perched

upon the tree

of misery

and destruction.

I was told there was another,

they called it the father

and my friend.

I searched in every place

Looked at every face

I was hurt and unhurt

and alert

at every person I passed.

I found no one.

I was told there’s one to inherit,

they called it the spirit

and the ghost.

In the graves I looked upon

towards the good,

towards the wrong.

So I searched the seen and unseen

and foreseen

beneath the beds of the dead.

It was empty.

I remained confused in this empty world.

Until spoken words were heard.

They said “I love you”

But I was alone.

I was empty.

The one said I’ll replace the empty space,

I’ll erase the hidden waste

I’ll embrace all your mistakes

because with me you fall on grace.

There is no emptiness with me.

There’s only love.


It tells a story of my wonders and curiosities in the world. The emptiness I encountered and the satisfaction I found in God.

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