Lost and Found

Like sand through my fingers

And wind through my hair,

I'm letting them slip 

And don't know if I care.

So close, but out of reach,

They're whispering my name,

I can't tell who is different

And who has stayed the same.

Boys are at the center 

Of their poisoned, clouded minds,

They seem to race on forward,

Leaving me behind.

I want to party with them,

To hear all of the scoop,

But now I'm just a loser

Left outside the loop.

My looks, and mood, and hard work

Seem to hold me back,

Yet even when they're perfect,

My humor's out of whack.

I'm used for almost anything:

Food, answers, bait, a laugh.

Their "coolness" factor's soaring,

While mine is cut in half.

I'm lonely and I'm tired,

I'm losing all my friends.

I'll be hanging by myself

Until my school life ends.

Nobody understands me,

I know that's a cliche.

I wish I could control things,

Have everything my way:

To not care where I'm going

Or where I'm coming from,

Just hanging out with friends,

Having all the fun.

I'd love to find a boyfriend

Who looks me in the eye

And tells me that I'm perfect,

Even when I cry.

And when I start to sob

For losing what I had,

He'd tell me I'd be fine

And nothing turns out bad.

I'd call all of my friends

And they would gather 'round,

And I would feel perfection

Because my 'lost' was found.



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