You broke me , with no remorse .

You broke me , with no remorse 


Broken pieces , lonely people , sharing the same empty place - with a scenery so memorable it’s painted a home in my heart. 


In a city so vast , crowded and covered with a bunch of cliche stories that never lived up to the hype. There I was , standing a top the balcony , cold , a lone and eagerly gazing as my eyes surf over the endless waves of people . 


I remember thinking , how ready I was to just head home unsurprised of another disappointing night . Then there it was , this incredible feeling of being watched , I began making my way downstairs as if being lured by these unknown magical eyes . I had no idea where I was going when I set foot outside , curious as to what felt like my heart was magnetized to. 


I make a sudden stop , as I hesitantly raise my eyes to see whomever was in my path . What I witnessed was beyond any fairytale, dream or Star you could wish on. This absolutely heart grabbing woman , she had eyes that when I looked into them , I saw this endless tunnel of sorrow, betrayal, loneliness and misunderstanding. I lowered my brows as I remember being absolutely lost staring into these soul finding eyes . 


As noise begins tuning back into my ears , words began to fill my mouth and the intense feeling of “she had to by forever” absolutely flooded my heart and mind , the only decision those polar opposites agreed with . She knew all the words to say , I never felt so vulnerable and it scared me to absolute pieces , it also made me feel so incredibly a live . 


I’ve had my fair share of “has been” or “could have been” so I was skeptical but burning with determination. I tried and did just about everything I could think of to run in like a prince and swoop her off of her feet . Before I knew it , I was so deep in love with this woman it was dangerous , I would have done anything for this absolute Goddess. I never once thought she could do any wrong , and nobody could convince me she could , I was absolutely in love.


It was the kind of love that made all the warning signs seemingly invisible, I never doubted for a second whom I considered to be my queen. As the flowers , the trees , the grassy field with the clear blue sky began to freeze over . It was that very chill that ran like electricity down my spine and immobilized me . 


I was never her king , or her one and only , I never would have guessed the entire time I was just a means of entertainment, a court jester for her and her friends. 

I was absolutely devastated, and in disbelief of all the things we have went through I was just another play thing for a fix from boredom. It hurt like hell , I just couldn’t let go , as much pain and sadness I was in , I still genuinely loved this girl . I fought , fought and fought to win her away . At times I thought I did , or maybe she realized I am who she should be with . Her words started to become my venom , and the only anti-venom was her love. A day finally came where she told me “I don’t want you anymore, I have someone new” I think my brain flew off the handle , while my heart split in two and began sinking as if the heaviest weight was drowning out my emotions . I was absolutely shattered, absolutely shattered... yet all I could think about was you , and what I maybe did wrong . You made me restless , you made me cold , you turned me into another cliche . You broke me .


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