Perfectly Okay


United States
27° 30' 50.6376" N, 81° 31' 36.2208" W

It’s in the broken hours of the night that minds pace
through hallways of a never-ending maze
Sleep is just the prize of a game we barely play
We don’t need to close our eyes to see what we fear
We’ll hide in alleyways to avoid it and stand near
Under dimmed streetlights with little enough light I can see you walk away
It’s unfortunate I’ve watched your back through an infinite gaze
I memorized the wrinkles on your shirt and the words I’ve yet to say
Turn around and let me see your face
You don’t have to respond to what you find strange
Given what we don’t have there’s no need to pretend that you’re my other half
I can be a puzzle with a missing piece but still convince myself I’m always complete
We didn’t see the picture on the box to try to get a clue
However it looks in the end could all be up to you
I’ll dance under the moon holding nothing but a broom
Practicing for the night I can say I’m your groom


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