Tears Locked Away

His smile wasn’t always muddled in the shadows

Their hands clasping curls from his head smashing his body into the bus seat

He is strong; not a sound came from him and his tears were locked away

In the tallest tower is where he put them, throwing the key far into nothing

“They aren’t going to stop, even if you ask, it will only make things worse”

Walking down the street and being laughed at, he slowly sinks into his shell

The differences about him make him feel like he is a creature

“Maybe I am a creature?” He slithers into his dark cave

Sometimes the stares would be enough to pierce into his soul

They tore him apart and he wanted so desperately to cry but the water was gone

He’s frantic and he runs through town looking, searching, for the key to let the tears out

He can’t breathe, he needs to release the pressure before he explodes into nothing

The cool air from the aspen trees on the mountain isn’t enough, it isn’t enough.

“Am I enough?” He walks past the days and into the night


This poem is about: 
Our world


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