Why Do I Fly


Why do I fly down the streets at night, 

past it’s sun shining, bright twinkling lights, 

venue after venue, only to dilute the feelings that I have inside for you

not realizing that I am only pulling myself farther from you. 


Why do I fly so I high 

smoke, blunt after blunt, splifing my brain out 

only to numb the overwhelming feeling that has been provoked inside of me. 

Knowing that I can’t have you next to me. 


Why do I fly down the streets at night, 

Arms spread free, as the wheels spin under me;

traveling so fast as to capture and escape deaths reality, 

my only wish to have your touch on my chest on those sleepless nights— 

as I try to turn words, rhythm and rhyme into poetry. 


Why do I fly through life—

pushing past the moments that I know you are only outside of my grasp. 

Not realizing that the present moments, are actually the ones that will bring you to me. 


I have this feeling without you as I fly through the night, 

it only wishes that I come as so close to death,

to experience an emotion that overwhelms your absence. 



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