Mon, 01/26/2015 - 02:13 -- Green's


I hang around In this room I pretend that I own,
I feel so ungreatfull for the life I've been thrown,
and the friends I have grown,
In a house full of homies and I still can't help feeling alone,
understood… but unknown,
a life I choose in good health,
to protect me, from myself, I need help!
And I wake up confused and mentally bruised,
because I do the same thing that do,
everyday its the same,
and I hold it back, show no rage,
although I feel like I'm sleeping in a cell as a slave,
and stupid me, here I am wondering why all of this has happened,
asking were everyone went when I'm the one who unfastened,
but I still feel as though there is a place for my madness,
a home when I have less,
and one day when I have used all my pain,
and am upon the last ounce of stress,
I know I will have nothing to look down on,
but an ocean of bliss.


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