love and lost

the breath taking sun sent rays of warming, gentle kisses against his bronze skin. dewy, light-green grass grew to his knees. bursts of colorful flowers decorated the field beautifully. the clear, baby-blue sky gave the young boy a sense of security. the sweet, high-pitched sound of an innocent bird's song danced in the fresh, clean air. Even though his surroundings were incredibly breath-taking, his breath was being stolen by her. her silky, carmel-colored locks of curls tickled his face as he pulled her close and held her as tight as he could. the aroma of tropical fruits sneaked into his nose from her soft hair, as he whispered "i love you." into her delicate ear. suddenly, the once gorgeous sun set, black replaced blue. he knew everything he wanted, everything he had dreamed about, was ending soon. the gentle birds turned into squawking crows and he felt the girl, who was his world, slip from his own fingertips. the wild grass turned yellow and died. the young, naive boy couldn't hold back his cry. 

                                                                          he loved her

                                                                            he lost her.

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