I wandered away to another place

Looking for something I lost.

I was not sure what it was

But I needed to search for it.

I wandered away from my blue sky,

My browning leaves,

And my light colored flowers.

I wandered away into another dimension

Just by walking down one road.

I wound up somewhere unexpected—

Somewhere with a red sky and dark clouds,

Buildings almost completely torn down,

And people blankly walking around.

I forgot how the road looked like

As I kept searching for that missing something.

As I kept going down that same road,

I knew there were other paths to go on

But I refused to step away.

I had heard something faint out in the distance

Calling out my name.

As I ran down the road

I reached a dead end.

There was nothing left but a cliff

That nobody seemed to notice.

Maybe the voice came from down there.

I crouched down and saw something.

That something was shining.

Maybe I finally found what I was looking for.

It was time to climb down to the unknown.

As I crept down, the shine grew

And the voice became louder.

But the rock beneath me crumbled

As I took more steps.

If I had screamed for help

Would anyone come for me?

Would anyone from below help me?

Should I have wandered off somewhere else?

Maybe there was no one down there after all

And now here I am, trapped,

Possibly in my own mind.


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