The Death of a Soul

She’s cold and isolated
The demons lurk beneath
People think they know her
But the beauty’s just skin deep
And she wants to run away
From the hurt and the pain
No one sees the shackles trailing,
Weighing down her wrists and feet
Fear chokes her cries for help
So she suffers silently
If only they could see
The broken girl behind the smile
She drowns in ecstasy
Words cut her skin like knives
Why can’t someone see she’s not alive?
Her heroes are fallen angels
So with nowhere else to go,
She’ll be walking by the river
Into the deepest depths of hell
Once, her light would shine so bright
She’d make the darkness run and hide
But she gave away her name
Her heart and her soul
Searching for something
She doesn’t know
The blackness is feeding slowly
Ripping away her will
She’s fading piece by piece
Soon there will be nothing but a shell
A piercing reminder
Of the angel she once was
She wishes to be different
But trembles at the thought
Of conquering her demons
The monsters are just too strong
If only she could see
Her fears through different eyes
Maybe then she’d know hope doesn’t die
She lives a waking nightmare
Shattered roses and torn dreams
When she dares to close her eyes
She sees the Evil grin and write
The story of her demise
When did she die inside?


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