If I would’ve known,

I would’ve spent more time,

But No! I can’t go back to that line,

No More! I Got Left behind,

I Pray,

I ask god why did you take him away,

If i were you i wouldn’t show my face any day,

It wasn’t your fault mark,

I know you took a huge dart,

For the past week i've cried,

I feel like i'm being fried alive,

Why do I keep hiding from this bright light,

I know i gotta keep fighting with all my Might,

I don't know how I took this big fall,

He took him for no reason at all,

I'm dying in the inside but no one helps,

That’s good cause I don’t need your help,

Never had,

Cause i ain’t mad,

Never will,

Cause I don’t Deal,

You feel what i’m saying,

I ain’t playing,

I’m just caring,


Verse 2

Lately I haven't been myself,

I feel smaller than an elf,

Like fuck man,


I miss you so much mark,

I wish it was me taking the dart,

It hurts inside my heart,

It has been months not sure to be exact,

But i feel bad man,

I have to recover,

But instead all i do is cover,

My feelings,

I act insecure cause i am killing,

People don’t know me and how,

Well now and how to deal with but i'm pissed,

At the fact,


You ain’t here,


I’m just like fuck,

I’m sadder than the old duckling,


This shit is Numbing,

My heart,

There’s nothing I could do,

i need to find a Loop through this,


Verse 3

My friend says he took him,

For a reason,

But its seasons pass,

I feel like i'm as fragile as glass,

She said keep your chin up,

I’m just drowning in my own cup,


I can’t even measure,

The pain,

Cause it mainly inside,

I ain’t even worth a dime,


I just smile my day away,

You’re like a flame,

I miss you so much,

You must send me a sign,

or ugh! Tell me you’re okay,

I regret not knowing,

I would’ve gone boating with you,

It’s a feeling that kills buu,

I Fucking miss you bro,

I would have taken your place bro,

all I could say is I love you mark,

I don’t know how to explain it,

I feel like such a dick,

I don't even know what was the last,

Well damn last thing I told you,

All i'm saying is i love you,

I miss you Buddy.


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