I will have my answer, You will be proud

For once, I have never felt so desperate

judging myself for what I am destined to be.

Most don't find themselves until

it is no longer expected from them.

I am afraid to wait too long.

Figuring out my purpose to society;

having the world tug at my shoulders.

If youre not strong enough,

she wont hesitate to consume you

with your own guilt of simply not knowing.

"What do you want to be?"


Knowing yourself is'nt simple but complex 

and is forever changing

with an majority of unfathomed fans

who are just seeking an answer

to what's waiting for them.

If only the world wasn't so coherent;

depriving me my whole life

adjusting me into seeing this same question

as being an demand;

"What are you good at?"


"You have your whole life ahead of you" they say

"I wish that was the case" i'd say

but I must not fret the sincerity

that each of us can't help moving at our own rate.

Through to, I will walk at my own stride,

talk only of my own values,

and aspire refining my own reasoning.

I will have my answer;

you will be proud.

So please wait for me,

...I need more time becoming whole

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