Nobody Would Listen


High school I wasted. College I hated. Everthing seemed more important than saying I made it. A high was sufficent. For that I was persistent. Had something to say but nobody would listen. Yeah I had morals. Hopes and dreams, those too. But who would listen to a Bronx bust with no clue? So I wasted my time. Now all I have are these lines. These lines and a high, barely making it by.Had someone listened, I woulda made it out. Once upon a time, I had something worth talking 'bout.But who would listen to a Bronx bust like me? Hope had to vanish. Got rid of my dreams. I lost all my ambition. All because nobody would listen.

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I feel those feels.

Well done.

deja power

sad, yet well written. your message will be remembered;)

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