Will I Ever Be Able To Find You?


Am I wrong to think about you like this?

Will I open up your skies?

You would say no and walk away pissed

But you know I know I hear your cries

We have the same heart same beat

No matter what the cause may be

We get separated like dry peat

But you still see me

Please N tell me the truth

Will I ever find you?

If the answer is no then that’s proof

Of your love for me boo

Is that ok and cool?

 I know what you’re thinking it’s not right

And baby I don’t mean to be rude

But I’m pretty sure it’s quite

The opposite composite ridiculous

Answer of all the god damned balls of basketball

But at least you know since I’m writing this

I’ll get you over that wall

But I don’t get it so I’ll stick with it and you’ll get it

When I finally say I love you for the very first time with all my heart

And promise you we’ll never be apart.

Yes someday I wish to find you

In a world where I can be me and you can be you

Soon N I will find you.


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