More than a Smile

Smile away

Let it rain

Let the whole world sit on your shoulders

Let it all bear down

Put on a smile

And smile away.


Smile away

Let them argue

Let them beat you

Let them terrorize you

Put on a smile for the world to see

And smile away.


Smiling away

Is a hard task

Then you become tired

With the darkness surrounding

Lightning clashing

Wounds hurting

Scars reopening.


That smile turns

Upside down

A Cheshire cat spinning

Right around

The world is blacker

And redder

No better

And a slacker.


Carry bright umbrellas

Wear colorful boots

But the gray gloomy skies

Send you down a chimney chute

All dark and grimly

No sign of happiness in sight

Tearing your skin

As you go down

Like your soul

Your hopes just frown.


This darkness is inevitable

Light nowhere to be seen

Keep walking around

In hope there's something not mean

Something not evil

Something not dying

Something not beating

Something not lying


Hope there will be guidance

In those you trusted

Only to find

Your trust was busted

On your own

Hiding like a lost child

Cowering in the corner

Entering the big bad world

With nowhere else to go


I don't need

To take someone's hand

I don't need

Someone to guide me out of the dark

I need something

To cast a glimmer of light

To say, "Stand up,

There's always hope

Even when there's no light

Nowhere to be seen.

Smile away

But don't use it as a cover

Underneath the smile

There's more to discover"


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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