"Who Am I"

I am the paint on the walls

Starts out bright then fades to white

I am the solitary leaf that falls

That creates a shadow instead of light


I am the pink rose in bloom

With petals that fall to the hard ground

I am the girl in the corner of the room

The one no one notices when they're around


I am the salty tear

That falls from a victim's eye

I am the knife they grab

Before on their deathbed they lie


I am the genuine smile

Which turns into a frown

I am death, have been for a while

I am what turns people's lives upside down



Guide that inspired this poem: 


Mafi Grey

Now this is what I'm talking about, this was great. I liked the play of words you used and the stanzas you formed, also that you used a picture. I use them all the time to give people a image of what I feel when I wrote this from start to finish. Then my picture matches my words. I feel like art and poetry are one in the same, my grandfather was a great man and he was a great artist. Unfortunately I did not obtain the skills of painting, but I can do many things with my hands,  but I did get that aspect of what it takes to make a masterpiece and how long it takes and the dedication.  So now I decided to combine art and poetry because when you read a poem, you  try to o figure out what the person was thinking and how he got there.  So when you're in a gallery and your looking at someone's painting, you try to figure out what they were thinking of and what made them make this; like how did they even do it, it's one in the same as you can see.

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