You can’t stop running, and if you do, don’t grab my legs and hold me back with you because where I’m trying to go is better than here; it’s brighter and more beautiful; it’s more tangible and doesn’t rot; there is no aftertaste, no fear of getting shot.

So get up.

I know it’s hard, it can’t be easy, that’s not allowed. We will hurt, and you don’t have to hurt with me; you can run in the other direction. You can run to the left or the right, but don’t stop running; never stop running. Because what we’re running to is worth it and I know there will be the people who think you can stop, take a break, relax for a while, but don’t. Don’t stop there, don’t take a break, do not stop until you get there.

Until you two collide, until you meet someone with the same force that they meet you with. Until they’re holding you as tight as you’re holding them, until you fill your lungs with their air and they fill theirs with yours and you find thats the only way you can breathe anymore. Then you can stop.

But we’re not there. Not yet anyways, so keep running. Don’t you dare stop. Get the hell up and pump your arms and move your legs, and run.


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