Love is Complicated

Can anyone love me?

Would anybody be willing to withstand

My horrible insecurity,

The side of me I hide?

Would you be willing to tell me 

It will be alright,

When you know I don't believe you?

Can you tell me I am beautiful,

When I don't believe that myself,

And break down because I don't,

Because I can't love myself?

Will anybody try to handle the truth?

The fact that there are days that I want to die.

The fact that I feel like I have no control.

The fact that I'll never feel good enough for anyone.

The fact that I believe I am a disappointment,

A tragedy to everyone I see and meet.


How can anyone love me?

I am hideous as can be.

I'm insecure of myself,

I hide my anxiety.

I keep quiet my darker thoughts,

But sometimes it isn't enough.

Will you be able to love this side too?

Are you willing to take the risk,

Possibly break my fragile heart in two?

Are you willing to love my sadness?

Be open to my pain?

Be open to my fears,

And my tear stains?

Will you be willing to wait?


Wait for me to get some courage,

Wait for me to find some stability.

Will you be able to love me in my insane state?

Will you be able to love someone who hates themselves?

Will you be able to love someone who is afraid of relationships?

Who is afraid to break her heart?

Who is afraid to give you a chance and open up?

Who is afraid of herself, and of the world around?

Will you be able to love a broken person who will never be enough?

Would you be able to love an insane girl, lost the world of the proud?


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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