I feel like I'm in a movie.

But not like a super cute 90’s teen drama where the girl runs around the whole movie acting like a brat because the boy she like doesn't like her back.


It's more like one of those Syfy movies where an alien takes over the main characters body and all the main character can do is watch as they slowly slip away and become an alien.

Have you ever felt that way?


Have you ever look at yourself in the mirror and not recognize who's looking back at you?

I think I'm lost.


Lost like when I was a kid and got separated from my mom in the store and because I was a kid all I could do was cry.

All I could do was stand there and cry and wait.

Wait until your mom finally realized I was gone and finds me; standing there, crying.

The only difference is now no one is looking for me.


Only now, no one knows I'm missing.

I wonder how long I'm gonna be gone before someone looks at me and notices I'm not really there.


I wonder how long it's gonna take them to get to me.

And when they finally do…how much of me will there be left to find.


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