She stands there
Staring at the mirror
Multiple thoughts race through her head
The voices tell at her
They put her down
She starts to cry
She looks in the mirror
She can't recognize this person
Staring back at her
If it is indeed a person
She lets out a sob
The tears race
Down her face
She tastes
Their saltiness
In her mouth
She begs for help
From up above
She drops to her knees
Unable to stand
The reflection in the mirror
She finally hit it
The breaking point
She curls up in a ball on the floor
She finally passed out
She awakes wondering how long
She was there
She slowly gains strength to stand
Only to fall again
She tries about three to four more times
She finally gives up
When she finally gained enough
Strength to stand again
She looks in the mirror again
That same unfamiliar
Thing stares back at her
She hurries
Out of the bathroom
After that
She goes to bed
She has a nightmare
That thing is standing
In front of her
It reached out it's hand
Grabbing for her
She starts to run
It finally catches her
It grasps at her wrist first
Then slowly absorbs itself into her
She can feel it
It makes her feel numb
Like someone has injected
Novicain into her whole body
She tries to move
But is paralyzed
She tries to scream
Nothing escapes
She just feels it
Slowly taking over her body
It hits her heart
It feels like a thousand knives
Being stabbed into her
She collapses due to the pain
As she hits the ground she awakes
She looks at her clock
Time to get up
She slowly gets out of bed
Goes into the bathroom
Looks into the mirror and lets out a choked cry
She sees staring back at her
The thing
She feels that same numb feeling
She felt during the dream
She realizes what that figure was
It was depression
She feared it would come back one day
It has hit her hard
She looks at the mirror again
This time she sees herself
But with something different about her
She realizes
Her eyes didn't have that glimmer they used to
They looked hollow
Her smile turned into a frown
Her natural beauty she used to see
Disappeared without a trace
She saw a dark aura around herself
She felt lost
She felt hopeless
Her voices returned
Stronger now than ever before

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