Like a baby born without a mother

Shit just don’t make sense

So how the hell can you walk around without a split lick of common sense

You think have all together

You think you know me,

Wake up!

You’re losing me.

Disrespect, no honor

Like a child with no father

You didn’t learn.

You don’t know how to treat me.

Lost in the mind, there’s no way you could ever keep me

So leave me! I’m done.

I tried to take baby steps and yo ass wanted to run

And don’t think I’ll be back because I REFUSE to retrace my steps

Shit, I might as well have kids If I wanted adolescent help.

Sideline, benchwarmer, broken hearted.

Call me whatever you want.

Still fact of the matter is…

It’s not love, it’s YOU who I don’t want.


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