An Open Ballad To Johnathan: Never Let Go.

So finally, someone did it. 

I've played this scenario out in my head,

How it would be if someone died. 

I always wanted to know how I'd react. 

You didn't succeed, no, 

Thank God, no.

And now you're a weight,

Hanging here,

And we're all watching, waiting for you to drop,

Fearing to move, to blink,

Fervently hoping that we will be here when you fall.

We don't want you to fall.

A hundred and a half pills and half a bottle of wine,

How much does it take to kill a man so strong?

More than that. 

You could have told me you were sinking,

You could have told me you were drowning,

You didn't have to go like that. 

You can't do that. 

I don't know what scares me the most,

Blood or wine-stained carpets. 

The thought of you, with not a single laugh left. 

Not one more joke. 

Sparkling eyes, bluer than the great wide ocean,

Finally closed. 

I don't know what I would do, then. 

Red wine is for parties,

Red wine is for celebration,

Red wine is for new beginnings,

Red wine is not meant for death,

Red wine is no means to an end. 

Please do not try to drown yourself,

Not in wine, water, or your own sorrows. 

Do not tempt death by swimming in its waters,

Stay safe, sleep well, and stay dry. 

Someone so precious should not be made to carry that weight.

Release the anchor from your chest,

Let all your troubles go, 

Go to sleep now, they won't matter tomorrow. 

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