Shock and robots; the locked door opens

 I crawled out of my grave. I stare with red rimmed eyes in shock as the emotions and truth  rape my brain. I gasp and swim with the stars as my eyes swim in tears full of epiphanies. I walk along the road,  my head screams as I dance mournfully with my stumbling feet. I look to the dying sun's beauty and see it as a symbol. It will come up again if it grasps and takes in its will.  Rise sun rise! Everything excretes meaning as the world moves. And I stay still. For now I'm still. Should I run? The trees are arching menacingly. The wind howls through their torn leaves.  That reminds me; I'm a little torn. Robotically, I reach for the tape and band-aids.  Soon it will be time to fight again.  Now let's just drink in the beauty... but when will I have to run?Is the onslaught done toying with my strings? I want a drink. Guzzle, guzzle, fly.  Is this insanity again? Tomorrow I will melt into the sun.


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