I am a Mask


I am a mask,
So many think they know who I am,
but they don't care to ask,
Yes, they are content with my mask

Who am I? One of many made to please
Who is me?
I'm an onslaught of fake identities

Masquerade is my life's dance,
Yet this waltz is leading me to defeat,
I need to efface them when I get the chance,
These faces I wear to my dance

I have no idea if I am up for the task,
To know all I am,
When All I am is a mask



This is pretty cool




In film a mask is treated as an identity assigned by the individual to attain a certain stimuli from the outside world, or effect it in some way. It's extremely prevalent in superhero movies, but that's quite obvious. A better example would be to analyze American Psycho in this regard, or perhaps the very actors themselves. Think about it. 

This poem is pretty cool in my opinion. Keep up the good work. Happy writing!

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