- Stanza 1: Son


Who are you?

You are me.

But I'm not.

I mean I'm what their I's want me to be.

I am who they are.

And they are who I am.

But now I look at the I AM,


Cause I realize I'm not who I thought I was.


Who are you?

I am me. Without my identity.

- Stanza 2: You


Who are you?

I think we've met before.

We hang out when I'm bored.

But what goes on when I'm not?

I know our facade.

We seem close, mostly? Sure.

If we added another One,

There'd be more.

But we've never done that before.


Who are you?

You're the one I call my friend. Who's just an acquaintance in the end.

- Stanza 3: He


Who are you?

I claim you as mine.

When people ask, I say we talk all the time.

We give hugs and move on with my day.

But never do I sit to hear what you

want to talk to me?

Oh yeah, I forgot.


Who are you?

You are the Father who want the best for me. So I will start by listening.


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