Find Myself

Sometimes I have to remind myself

Things aren't that bad

That all I am

Is a little lost

That I'll find my way

Tucked into my thoughts

I reach into my pocket

Where my conscience dwells

And remember all I have going for me

That one bad day is no good reason to end myself

That anxiety can be battled

That even if it doesn't feel like it now

I WILL be okay

That maybe depression is just lonely

And needs a friend

That instead of fighting my demons so hard

I should hold hands with them

I dust out the corners of my mind

And pull out empathy

I let her teach me

Let her guide me

Because all I am is a little lost

And it's not easy to see your way in the dark

But with trust and an open heart

Maybe I can find me. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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