your Lipstick my Cigarettes

For whome,
This may
Not concern-
I love you...
Ill always, love you..
You say,
You'll never put anyone else above you
but you couldnt say I do.. 
I do
miss you..
My pain consists..
On the wonder if,
You miss me too..
It very well may be true, 
That the sky isn't always going to stay blue..
All of the flowers will one day end their bloom
This heart will one day,  stop beating for you
I hear too much voices
Creeping deep inside your cries
for me not to want to respond
My beautiful black dress bride
Inside the dark holes of the night
Our hearts collide
Bringing alive
All that has died
We ressurect
The dead
 suddenly hear the shortness of your breathe,
I can hear what thoughts are going mad 
Inside of your head
I wish you well, I wish instead
You will stay, but I guess
I digress, your grace
Never underestimate your inability
To exist
Never concentrate on how depressing this really all is... 
It is easy to see all of the pain
It is way too easy to see all of the pain


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