If you dusted my skin for fingerprints you would find a multitude of people have touched me in all of the most private places

Their touch stings my skin like hot iron and I can feel that your fingerprints are perfectly preserved beneath it all

Similar to the way that lava runs over objects demolishing yet somehow encasing and preserving them
That is all that I want right now
I want to preserve you
Save your memory on a usb and shove it into my pocket so I can take you wherever I go
Keep you at a fingertips distance because it has been proven that anymore distance between us and it doesn't work
That if i am not with an outstretched arms length away
You will not reach out for me
You will call my name
But you will not reach out for me
So in my pocket your memory will stay
And on my skin carved into my flesh like tattoos your fingerprints remain
Remnants of your not so gentle touch
Only now they are hidden beneath other mens touches
But hidden in their spaces of "You're beautiful" and "I like you" is you
Their prints are not like your's
They are messy and riddled about
Like a herd came and ran my body over in a blind panic
They are gentle
Because they see the broken pieces i have left to carry
And with their scotch tape kisses they piece me back together long enough for them to be amused
Then they drop me on the floor where they found me and move on
If you dusted my heart for fingerprints you would find that only one set of hands resides
A single fist formed around my heart where you had taken it in your hand
Turned it over
And squeezed
Juiced it like a fruit you wanted to consume and when your glass was full
You drank and gave my heart back to me saying
No more
Im full
But thank you though
And I with lips dry and cracked from dehydration can only mutter
Come again
We have plenty more
Knowing full well that I can't offer you anything more than what you've already taken
As a tip you leave the very best memories in my jar
And when you leave I dip my hand in and count the change
Some of the coins aren't all that shiny and new but the thing about change is
No matter how dirty the quarter
It never loses its value


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