A Train to Wherever You're Headed


As you stare out the window

of your quickly moving train car,

the landscape, blurred, is ashen and bare,

and the pitter-patter of rain on the thin metal roof

never stops.


You are lost, and have been for years,

lost in this day-to-day monotony.

(Who could help but lose themselves without

learning to find hope, love, happiness

in the little moments of everyday life?)


The melancholy and gloom are passengers

to accompany you,

(along with the chugga-chuggas and drip-drip-drips)

to, well, wherever it is you're going.

(an end; or, perhaps, a beginning)


That is, until one day,

the rain stops, the train slows, and as a dazzling sun appears,

you glimpse the smile of a lover,

upside-down and crooked but radiant, in a fragile rainbow;

And you realize, at last, at last,

that perhaps you'd have seen this all before,

if you hadn't been going so fast.


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