wishful thinking

11:11pm I wished for you,

I always wish for you. 


I think that's what scares me the most, I cant stop wishing for you.

I close my eyes as the tears roll down my cheeks and a shiver crawls down my spine.


You're gone,

when I wish for you the stars glistened and they remind me of your eyes 

when you cried about someone who didn't love you.


You cried about someone who didn't love you  

yet you push away those who would do anything for you.


But i get it, I know how it feels

to love someone and them not love you. 


I know how it hurts to miss somebody,

who doesn't even think about you.


Man do I think about you,

I think about the curves in your smile

and the way you pin your hair up.


I may be nothing to you, but I still wish for you. 

I'm sorry our story had to end so soon


So I'm saying I love you one last time,

incase you decide to change your mind.

                                                                  -She wont come back





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