Let me find it

My love, is it you?

i do not want to loose your soul for another because of blindness.

am i blind?

I miss you but i cannot remember who you are and loneliness

is no cure for your absence, but it is all i can find.

If i wait silently will you find me?

My memory has lost me so do not expect me to do the finding.

Yours is still young, no?

Search for closed eyes and longing heart;

lonely heart.

Maybe instict can find you if it is instict that loves.

Yet if that has truth then I do not love you if i cannot find you,

but i assure you that i do.

So search my love for I cannot,

and i need my darling no matter the bitter sorrow it brings you

that I cannot recall your name and face.

I only know that I love you,

though I do not know who it is that I love.

How long ago?

In a past life maybe?

You may be as lost as me and we may never find one another.

Never be at peace.

Why must dying flesh keep us parted?

How many times have we passed?

Too many i fear.

Half of me is lost and If i find you then I have found it.

My dear, let me find it.



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