The Ghost Stuck Between Two Worlds

Get up from bed and something isn’t right

Everything is muddled, dirty and foggy

I scream and cry not knowing what is going on

I go to the bathroom and see Myself in the mirror

And there I am

Transparent and in a haze


I’m stuck between two worlds

The one I’m from

And another one far far away

Is that place better?

I don’t know

So I try to stay on Earth

But I just keep floating

Transparent and in a haze


I walk through my house and no one can see Me

I walk outside and no one can see Me

I try so hard to get someone’s attention

But they walk straight through Me

As I look straight at them

Transparent and in a haze


But then something changes

I help pick up something someone dropped

And they see Me

I ask someone why they’re crying

And they see Me

But then they walk away

And the people I just helped can’t see Me again

I just stand there

Transparent and in a haze


Someone catches my eye

I get the courage to go talk to them

They can see Me!

I love their personality

I feel my feet touching the ground

I start to feel solid again

But then I see it

They’re happier with someone else

And I’m back to where I started

Transparent and in a haze


What’s holding Me back?

Why do I want to still be here?

Where no one cares

But where would I go otherwise?

How can I know the other world won’t be worse than this?

So I continue living as a ghost

Stuck between both worlds

Transparent and in a haze


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