Mumble Jumbled Mind

I saw the world for what it truly is when i closed my eyes.
She figured out her worth when she closed her thighs
He truly saw himself when he left the guys
We are all robots in disguise living lies
Walking upright makes us superior yet emotionally inferior
Focus on the interior and put aside the exterior
without ulterior motives and deception caused by election
the infection of greed that we feed because your need to be
better than me don’t you see my lack of tree my happiness and struggle
through the lack of green. Humble i stumble upon a man mumble jumbled in a jumbo jet talking about someone he met or a pet a thing something unseen a belief of grief to those unclean. I saw him again across from me in a place that cleaned my mental sheets, no longer discreet medicatedly honest i promise the same promise i whisper in solace. Self checked and expertly wrecked. I scream and they ask how I feel, the others rocking to the sound of their squeals. The laughter and deranged passersby in the hallways arranged A one through 5. Ward full, warden gone, doctor no patience, patients now gone. I was uncleansed in the end because they could not see how my mind could bend and send a message past the 8% of my capacity they had the audacity to call me impossible. I smiled and jolted as hundreds of volts did pass through me. Oh well now I’m just a vegetable surrounded by meat, fried like a potato.

The beauty of your potential



It will set you free or allow them to pick at your view of reality

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