Kisses in the Dark


I can't breathe

My tears flow freely, the sick feeling of dread overwhelming me

His hands are warm, controlled and gentle.

He's comforted others before me,

yet it just feels that he's had practice, not that his soft caresses are lies

He wants my fear to go away, and his soft, warm lips kiss away the dampness on my cheeks

His lips meet mine and they are not forceful or hungry

Gentle, soft and slow presses, meant for comfort and calming

He brushes strands of hair out of my face, and my fears are dulled. 

I am a lost, dying star who has been rescued and cocooned in the moon's gentle light.

Years later, I will keep those kisses locked in my thoughts to keep me warm when he cannot.

He was everything before he was lost.

He was the end of every day, every star in the sky, all the smiles I ever let escape.

He was my kiss in the dark.






Very deep and personal...I love it :)


This is beautiful! So easy to relate to. Love it!

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