The Helpless Search


United States
38° 31' 3.1512" N, 75° 10' 40.386" W

Another day I return to my bed
Another search again with no end

I remember the moment I saw you
You were different than anyone I ever knew

You did a good job of blending into the background
I listened intently, but you never made one sound

I stared at you longingly in the glistening sunlight
You shined in the sun when it hit you just right

In my soul i knew I'd never see you again
Every good beginning has its own tragic end.

I remember the night I help you in my hands
The tone of your body was a beautiful tan

Tonight I return to my home all alone
The memory of you still swims through my bones

Your small body will forever be hidden
I suppose that means our love is forbidden

I'll never forget the day I found you on land
I'll search forever for that one grain of sand


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