When I  was younger you sent me to my room and argued all night

you fight and I cried  having every tear drone me

I wish I couldn't hear the glass breaking in the next room 

Only to have me become angry and sad inside

to the point 

That I started to let my emotions take over my life 

with the drinks and parties I was lost without a clue

have me do it all in the sight of you 

It's all your fault

the little girl became a reflection of you  living the way you tried to teach me not to do 

what ever happened to the 

nice dinners that became a disaster

the silent nights became a night mare that I couldn't wake  up from what happened to

the love that I didn't receive 

and when I got older

 I did it all 

I sent my daughter to her room

and watch the flashbacks play 

just liked it played in mine 

so I did it all 





This poem explains how parents can damage there children .Just when you think there to young to understand they might know more then what you think having that hurt and pain and being afraid as there children and make them grow up living to what they were brought up to .Looking in the mirror of what the parent did to them . and the cycle continue to go as they do it to there children .

I hope i was the voice of al those children who had to be silent and now as they grow up relive the eyes of the hurt of there parents 

check out more of my poetry and hope it impacts your lives and please comment tell me how you feel about this poem .Thank you 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i can only imagine the anger you have towards your mother

you don't have to be like your mother

you are imani-you might look like mom, but you are not your mom

make sure you have that inner strenght to break that cycle so you don't do the same to your kids

well said


This poem is being the voice to childeren who go though that,i might go though all the problems but i can relate .thank you

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