Are you ok?

They ask are you good?

I answer with my mask

and feel like a empty cask

I´m fine

so everyone around me can shine

can you see the skyline

I´am supine

being on my back

it´s all black

trying to think about my kickback

but it is actually always a lack of attention

that leads to my abstention


everything seems so tight

nothing is bright

nothing seems alright

everything seems like a fight

it´s like my demons have a cockfight

and inside of me is burning a torchlight

at night

another fight

can someone see that red light

I try to sit tight

searching for light

to make things right

but here we go again another fight

I wish I could say goodnight

but I need to take another bite

let´s call it distress

it feels like chess

black and white always taking another ride

it´s like Bonny and Clyde

I steal with a heat of zeal

yes it´s too real

I don´t even feel

and the crash

it spreads like rash

deep down inside

always searching for the deeper meaning

it can feel like spring cleaning

or binary information meaning

see I´m torn

but that is just how I´m born

trust me it feels like a thorn




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