I'm So Scared


This fear I feel is formed from my imagination.   Constantly contemplating where my life will be stationed. Low ACT score , and pressure from my mother. Thinking how could i ever live up to be like my older brother. Strong in spirit and smarter than two me's put together. I prefer him being the family's sunshine and i remain the bad weather. Let me stay behind this curtain and remain in his shadow. I'll just be thier pretty barbie doll , beautiful but shallow. So use to being second place ,  still afraid to show this unique side of me. I still wish father was here to show me what i was suppose to be. But with God as my true father , i see there's less to fear. He told me to stop worrying about my future which is yet near. Trust in him , yes he knows the way . Step from behind this curtain , to find a brighter day . I am beautiful , smart , and strong enough to face this world like a chore . In the eyes of this young lady fear is no more. #SlamBehindtheCurtain


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