Never Ending Story

How an addict always hurries worries
where the next fix comes from
worries which of these tricks furry to run ya hunt ya
they all want ya- fun stuff

picture my painted reality draped in black
no colors to see just taken to the back
can't see me cause I'm lost in the act
society quick to place me right into their trap
when the past comes to get you
you pray you won't have to go back
looking back you hate the attacks
look what trauma has done to ya

momma don't do that- don't you worry about where I am at
it's been years since you even questions where your first born is now at
torn from the womb to inflict a life
to be a scapegoat so when it's time
to go they all tighten the rope they gave you
to hang yourself by
trade you with no goodbyes- they hate you and care if you died
they slay you- sending negative vibes
all part take in your making of a deprogrammed rebel mind
who fell so low but still wouldn't sell his soul no matter how hard they tried

waging for my rights- turn the pages
to make way by the words I write
I'm a winner doing what I do either wrong or right
a dreamer in the dark of night
since I do what I do so cool
I'm BOOK a never-ending story
told to be left behind
a myth a collaboration
a folk lore of Si-Fi imagination
a legend headed to attain the riches
in this hopeless life
death to you as I die
to live a story which holds itself
in a place in time
a place in our minds
a place they won't erase or break
by brainwashed eyes
a taste you can't stand
you spit out when disgusted
by the truth seers and kings
of the most high
bring to life

This poem is about: 
My family


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