Maybe I am going insane.

When I want to break down,

Cry for the stupidest thing.

Cry over the fact that I hate myself,

That I will never be good enough for you,

Absolutely not for myself.


Maybe I am insane,

When I think that my life is unimportant,

That I am merely a burden.

A burden to a family that works so hard,

To have a child who can't love herself.


Maybe I am insane,

When I have a dream for change,

To make a better world.

To create what I have not found,

So I live with self-doubt.


Maybe I am insane,

When I've thought of pain,

How it is easier to face,

Than tell others of my struggle,

And try to get better.


Maybe I am insane,

When I learned to scream,

Because I felt that nobody would listen.

'Cause I was lost in their ignorance,

And felt alone.


Maybe I am insane,

Because I try to help other,

And yet I can't help myself.

So I hide it,

And try to do both.


Maybe I am insane,

If I am admitting this,

That I have no control,

An am lost beyond belief.


I am insane,

But no therapy will help,

Cause how will they understand

What I feel when they don't actually care,

When they only want money,

They aren't really there.


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