Her tears fell down her

Thu, 04/28/2016 - 23:02 -- FM909

Her tears fell down her face
As she let her crown fall
He picked her up slowly
Knowing she no longer trusted him
He kept repeating sorry
But all she felt was the vibration of his lies
Hitting her skin like a swinging pendulum
He Slips, she falls
Words are said and miscommunicated
She thought she had it all
Trust, love, loyalty and respect
All fabrications of lies he once said
Her walls she lived within
Crumbled and fell
Who could she trust if the man she loved stared her In the eyes, lied, and said he truly cared
He cared for himself
And that's all there was to him
No true sacrafice for her
Just enough words to keep her there
She no longer cares for herself
She lost all hope she once shared
Now there's nothing left to do but cry
Cry for the Love she thought she had

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