Poisoned Mind


creston avenue
United States

5th year

I was always a giver not a taker.

I bought my her toy, gifts or what ever I made her.

My sister is oldest but I was always the protector.

My mother keeps saying, she loves her life and wants to keep it here.

My father works everyday and I bearly see him near.

Thats when my mother tries to find another and tries to feel complete.

When my father found out, he started to get aggressive.

I look a leap.

He stopped before I got hurt, preventing my mom to get beat.

11th year

My mother gave me another sister.

I was thinking that everything was going to be regained.

Still, nothing has changed with her but another lover.

Never told my father because it was a secret.

Making others happy, was my only achievement. 

My mother left my father and her kids, and I couldn't believe it.

She would visit us and feed us,

that was the only agreement.

12th year

It's crazy how a loyal man and three kids wasn't enough.

My father had nothing left but to take care of us.

My father got depressed, because he lost what he fought.

I've learned that love is dangerous.

Everyday I couldn't wait until my dad got home.

Trying to make him happy by telling him knock knock jokes.

But he never asked, who was at the door.

I started to give up and I started to get tired.

He never looked at me, he never gave me a smile.

His only son, and his two other daughters.

14th year

My mother came back and started to regret.

We took her back and reacted like she never left.

We started to become happy once again.

I lost trust in her.

I wouldn't be surprised if she did it again.

17th year

My mother brought a man to my grandmas house.

I was there but he was unannounced.

He sat me and my sisters aside and told us his feelings for her.

I was speechless and numb. 

Hopefully she learns that she lost what she had,

and she can never go back.

I keep asking my self..

'What did we lack?'

My father holds me and tells me

'We're going to be ok, were going to be fine..'

but i guess thats what you say,

to a poisoned mind.

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My family
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I am 19 years old and I never told people about my problems because I was always a happy child but I have so many things bottled up. I wrote this poem because I want people to get interactive with those who minght need help, or those who are going through things and can't tell no one. I want people to open up and stop botteling up emotions that can lead to mistakes. 

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